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Mobile Computing

As more and more devices become internet enabled then need for choosing the right ones has become even more important. We help our clients identify and acquire the devices that best meet their specific needs for security, compatibility, and mobility.

Network Security Analysis and Design

Many computer networks are not as secure or operate as effectively as they should. We use a variety of tools to identify potential weaknesses that can be exploited at the hardware and software level (traditional hacking) as well as at the user level (social hacking).

Project Management

Coordinating technology related projects can be time consuming and expensive. We work with clients to define project requirements and implement them on time and within budget.

Technology Usage and Access Policies

Maintaining computers and networks is difficult when they are not used properly. We help clients design and implement policies based on best practices for improved security, efficiency and productivity.

Virtual CIO/CTO

Not every business can afford a full time Chief Information or Chief Technology Officer. We provide the same expertise for a fraction of the cost.

Website Design

We have top notch website design gurus ready to create a new site for you or redesign your existing one.

Website Hosting

As a GoDaddy hosting reseller we have access to all of their services at competitive prices that we pass on to our clients.

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