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Hardware Repairs

If it can be repaired or replaced at the hardware level, then we can take care of it, usually with minimal downtime and no loss of data.

Data Recovery

When you experience hardware or software failure and you don’t have a recent backup to depend on, we’ll diagnose your system and recover your data using our in-house tools. If your data is damaged beyond our ability to recover it, then we’ll enlist one of several clean room partners who can usually perform miracles for a slightly higher fee, of course.

Software Troubleshooting

File system corruption, software not cooperating, errors generated; we work on these kinds of issues all the time.

Malware Cleanup

No security solution is 100% effective 100% of the time. From single infected systems to full network cleanups, we’ve got the know-how and resources to find it and remove it.

Network Troubleshooting

We’re wired and wireless networking exports, so when your network acts up we can get it back in working condition in record time.

Onsite/Remote Support

Most of our clients enjoy our quick responsiveness for remote services, but sometimes an onsite visit is necessary. For those situations we come to you to provide scheduled and emergency services.

System Upgrades

You spent good money on your system and you’d like to keep it running for a bit longer. We’ll check out your system and upgrade it if it makes sense to, and recommend replacement if necessary.

Technical Training

Tell us what you’re interested in learning about and we’ll work with you to develop customized training for you and your team.

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