Hosted Virtual Servers and Desktops

Maintaining and housing your own server can take up a lot of space and time, both of which cost money. We can provide you with a hosted server and hosted desktops for access from your home, office, or anywhere with an internet connection, freeing up physical space in your office and allowing you to take work with you.

Project Management

Coordinating technology related projects can be time consuming and expensive. We work with clients to define project requirements and implement them on time and within budget.

Antivirus/Antimalware Protection

Anti-virus and antimalware programs are a must for any computer. We will maintain your antivirus and antimalware software so it’s always up to date and prepared to protect your systems from threats.

Hardware Repairs

From cracked screens to broken connections, if it can be repaired at the hardware level then we can take care of it. We only order parts from trusted sources that meet or exceed the original manufacture specs.

Data Recovery

When you experience hardware or software failure, or an old computer finally bites the dust, and you don’t have a recent backup to depend on, we’ll diagnose your system and recover your data using our in-house tools.

Network Troubleshooting

We’re wired and wireless networking experts, so when your network acts up we can work out the kinks in no time.

IT Services

  • Hardware Repairs
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Malware Cleanup
  • Data Recovery
  • And More…

Managed Services

  • Antivirus/Antimalware Protection
  • Email Encryption, Hosting & Spam Filtering
  • Network Security
  • Systems Monitoring
  • And More…

Consulting Services

  • Virtual CIO/CTO
  • Technical Training
  • Network Security Analysis and Design
  • Technology Usage and Access Policies
  • And More…

Apple Support

  • Screen Damage
  • Power and Battery
  • Drive Failure
  • Manufacturer Defects
  • And More…