IT Services

We have the tools and know how to tackle all types of IT problems. Below are just some of the things we can do.
Hardware Repairs

We can fix a variety of problems, including broken laptop screens, crashed hard drives, failing power supplies and much more. If it can be repaired at the hardware level then we can take care of it. We only order parts from trusted sources that meet or exceed the original manufacture specs.

Maintenance Plans
Having trouble keeping your computer up to date? We can help! We offer three-month, six-month, and annual maintenance plans that give you unlimited service within that period.
Network Troubleshooting
We’re wired and wireless networking experts, so when your network acts up we can work out the kinks in no time. Let us resolve your problem and restore your normal network operations.
Malware Cleanup
No security solution is 100% effective 100% of the time. From single infected systems to full network cleanups, we can go in and track down any malicious programs that might be lurking and remove them from your system. This includes viruses, worms, ransomware, and potentially harmful programs just to mention a few.
Data Recovery
When you experience hardware or software failure, or an old computer finally bites the dust, or you accidentally delete files and you don’t have a recent backup to depend on, we’ll diagnose your system and recover your data using our in-house tools. We have the ability to, in most cases, recover your data before it’s permanently lost. If your data is damaged beyond our ability to recover it, then we can enlist one of several clean room partners who can usually perform the impossible. Please note, these labs charge their own rates for their work.
System Upgrades
Is it time to upgrade to Windows 10 or the latest MacOS? Time to retire that laptop from 2010? We can make sure you upgrade to the right software and hardware for your needs, make sure your data doesn’t get lost along the way, and assist you in replacing your hardware if necessary.
Computer Tune-ups
Computer running slow? Getting error messages? Long start-up and shut-down times? Programs taking forever to open? Time for a bit of digital spring cleaning! Whether the slowdown is caused by infections, too many temp files, or just too many unnecessary files, we have all the appropriate tools to clean your computer out and make sure your system is in tip-top shape.
Data Transfer/Hard Drive Cloning
Need your data moved from one place to another? Have you been dreading moving your data to a new computer or a removable media such as a flash drive or portable hard drive? We have the tools and tricks to make the data transfer process as painless as possible.