Consulting Services

From serving as your primary IT resource to complementing your existing team on projects, ATC Tech brings 30+ years of expertise and experience so you can focus on moving your business forward and staying competitive. Benefit from our skills and keep up with the ever-changing needs of business.
Internet of Things (IoT)
As more and more devices become internet enabled, the need to choose the right ones has become even more important. We help our clients identify and acquire the devices that best meet their specific needs for security, compatibility, and mobility.
Virtual CIO/CTO
Not every business can afford a full-time Chief Information or Chief Technology Officer. We provide the same expertise for a fraction of the cost. We will ensure business-wide standardization and efficiency in your data management; ensure each department approaches their IT needs in a uniform manner; align information and technology with business goals, map out a continuous strategy for improving IT solutions, and oversee any IT projects to make sure they are completed and implemented on time and within budget.
Technical Training
Tell us what you’re interested in learning and we’ll work with you to develop a customized training program for you and your team. And divulge some of our computer wisdom as well.
Network Security Analysis and Design
Many Computer networks are not as secure or efficient as they should be. We use a variety of tools to identify potential weaknesses that can be exploited at the hard ware and software lever (traditional hacking) as well as at the user level (social hacking).
Technology Usage and Access Policies
Get the most out of your computer network! We help clients design and implement policies based on best practices for improved security, efficiency and productivity.