Testimonials from some of our Happy Customers!

I want to say that I could not be more pleased with the service I got from Joseph last week. I have a machine, a “dual dual” pentium from about four years ago that the Geek Squad went over and stripped out most of the things not related to graphics.

I love my Adobe CS5, and do a fair amount of searching online for my writing. I was used to the machine running fairly well for the past year or so. Then I got the regedit virus and things came to a screeching halt in the middle of getting ready for a 1.7K Beach Stroll. Panic struck I called Joseph, thought I had lost many hours of graphics files, and he calmed me down, said “maybe not”. To make a long story short he saved all my favorite files, maintained the desktop look and prompted me to buy an external hard drive that too, he loaded up beautifully. I don’t know what he did, but I have never seen this machine fly the way it does now. Must have gotten rid of more background stuff, Adobe just pops open, Google is on the screen almost before I finish asking, and… the security seems to be rock solid. Once again, sorry about my panic emails to you! And many thanks for providing such wonderful, fast and friendly service.

Lane Poor

Founding Member, LymeTimeInRI

The staff at Newport County Computers have been nothing but exceptional. They are always available to meet our technical needs and provide top quality service.
Carolyn Fletcher

Business Development Associate, Viti Mercedes-Benz

Thanks for helping me out with my laptop.  Joseph took good care of me, and I really appreciate it.  I will recommend you guys should anyone ask!
Sarah Angell

Owner, Waterline Systems, LLC

I purchased a new desktop computer this past year with NCC and was most pleased with the result. Jairo, the proprietor, listened to my wish list and built a computer tailored to my needs.  The information on my old computer was safely transferred to the new computer without issues by the capable staff at NCC. I have referred customers to NCC which is the finest compliment that I can pay a business and will continue to do so. I will not hesitate to call Jairo or the staff at NCC for any of my computer needs.
Barbara Jagolinzer

Associate Realtor, Nunes Realty

I have been so impressed with the level of service and professionalism at Newport County Computers (NCC). Every single time I’ve had an issue or problem, the advice I have gotten has been stellar – almost instant, and the best possible solution. They really take the time to think through the issue and the tradeoffs with their customers.

I’ve even had a situation where one local vendor said, “Oh, you won’t be able to get that covered, even though you are still under warranty” (it was a case of me wearing off the letters on my MacBook Air keyboard which I had bought from that vendor, before learning about NCC). The other vendor said they’d have to replace the keyboard – for about $400 in labor! That didn’t make any sense at all – I’d rather live with worn-down keys. I checked with NCC, and they recommended that I take it up to Apple and see what they could do – the “geniuses” there replaced the worn key caps for free.  I have had NCC work on other things over the last year or so, and the result has always been quick and completely hassle-free. They pay more attention to customers and are more helpful than any tech shop I’ve ever worked with – and I spent years living and working in Silicon Valley. Super impressive. Highly recommended.

Kristin Zhivago

Revenue Coach, Zhivago Management Partners, Inc.

I always refer people to NCC! And I won’t make the mistake of taking my computing problems to anyone but “Dr. Jairo” ever again!
Diana Britton

Office Manager, Aquidneck Island Land Trust

I’ve never been a big user of Gmail because I like to know that my private information stays as private as I can make it.  When I switched to a smartphone, I had a decision to make because I didn’t want to sync it through Gmail.  First, I used a hosted Exchange email account through a big company that’s well known, and then I switched to a hosted email account with Newport County Computers. While the end result was the same – my phone is perfectly synced with my Outlook email, contacts, and calendar, the journey there was like night and day.  With the first company, I had to figure a bunch of things out on my own, since their online help didn’t give me everything I needed to make it work properly and you can imagine how frustrating that was.  With NCC, I got personalized one-on-one service to get it all working perfectly.  What a difference!  If you’re a solopreneur or part of a microbusiness, and you need to find an affordable and safe solution to keep you synced with your information, I can’t recommend Newport County Computers strongly enough.  Great service, great value, great satisfaction!
Robin Gardner

Teacher, Entrepreneur, Advocate, robinTime

Since I started my business nearly ten years ago, I had been through two IT providers who seemed to know what they were doing, but provided poor service. As a small businessperson I don’t have the time or expertise to deal with the technology issues that arise from time-to-time. I needed an IT provider that was not only expert in the field of technology, but also provided prompt, courteous service.

I met with Jairo Rugel from ATC Tech a little over a year ago and we discussed my IT needs. Jairo was very knowledgeable and told me things about my computer system that could improve my technology that my former IT consultant never addressed. I appreciated his expert consulting and experience to know what I needed.

Over the past year ATC Tech has taken care of routine issues like adding new users and installing software, and more serious problems like removing a virus from my computer and more recently, restoring my contact list that I mistakenly deleted.

Since I hired Jairo, and the ATC Tech team, I have found that they fit the technology needs of my business. Their quick and accurate response to my requests helps to keep my business running smoothly and that is very important to me.

I highly recommend Jairo Rugel and ATC Tech for any business’s IT needs.

Mark Devine

CPA, Devine + Associates

Your computer service is excellent and your technicians are very patient and helpful with older clients.
Thank you for being so conveniently located.

Judith Z.

Home User

I can’t say enough about the great people of ATC-Tech and Newport County Computers.  I met Jairo Rugel and his staff at least 7 years ago when ATC-Tech was hired to manage, and later update, the IT system at the Aquidneck Land Trust where I worked as office manager.  We were able to save our budget by using cost-effective cloud storage in lieu of purchasing more servers.   I was always able to call the techs for help when encountering difficult network and software issues, as well as, advice on equipment purchases. I feel confident about strongly recommending ATC-Tech and NCC to friends and other professionals.  They are my ‘go to guys’ when it comes to solutions and/or repairs to my own computer home network.
Diana Britton

KTP Advisors switched to ATC in January 2017 to provide IT support for our server-based network. They are very responsive to our needs, very knowledgeable and just get the job done.

I highly recommend ATC…………let the experts take care of IT needs.

J. Robert Lynch

CFO, KTP Advisors